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We understand your needs,
Because of the experience, Provide professional customization services.

For many years of experience, as well as the constant innovation and learning, we focus on specialization and growth, understanding the characteristics of the casting process (such as sand casting, precision casting and V-process etc.) and alloys (such as heat-resist steel, wear-resist steel, high-chromium cast iron and special alloys etc.), and then enhance the lifetime of products and castings, as well as improve the castings feature, accuracy, diversity.
Fulfill your needs from design, drawing then to set the best way to accomplish the products, reduce your cost and save unnecessary waste, all we are focused on. Join with you to discuss, R&D and test, the total professional procedure to satisfy your multi-facet demands, just can be called tailor-made services.
We firmly believe that always provide accurate planning of design to meet the customer needs, and then to produce high quality and durable products is our non-stop goal!